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Start with Brawl Stars

Jumping right into the most advanced details of the gameplay is not how things work here anymore…we have dictated a huge part for helping the new players to learn more about the basics and get their game starting… If you are looking for the most advanced tricks alongside our smart list of Brawl Stars tips, then scrolling down below and skipping the first few segments could be the right move now, otherwise keep on reading the basics. Moving back to the main basics, and we could not think of anything better to start this review other than the controls. There are two main controlling options, you can choose from via the settings menu. Tap to Move: In this mode, you have to be quick and have a bigger screen to know exactly where you will be heading to with your tap. It will also boost up your movement timings. On Screen Buttons: In a mode, you are focusing on the highest rates of being accurate and knowing exactly where, the character will end up at. Compared to the tap to move, we have loved this one.

Learn The Differences Between The Brawlers.

We do believe that we do not have to remind you with how important is the internet connection to get the game started. You must have a stable and strong connection at the first place. Picking up your brawler is the most important thing, but before you enter the selection phase, you must know the brawlers in more depth. Each game has its own heroes and champions, the same is being applied to this game but they are called brawlers. Select them and start playing with the brawler you pick. Each one will come with his own set of unique skills and abilities that is when your turn will come to understand its own pros and cons. All the brawlers available in the game will share only one ability, and this ability is simply related to the gameplay basic. Hiding in the bushes will help you to go invisible and no one will be able to see you. All the brawlers are having the game ability and it has nothing special.

How to Unlock New Brawlers?

As we have understood the brawlers powers and their main ability. The time has come now to help you with obtaining the brawler you have been looking for in no time. The cost will be huge of course if you were aiming at a very strong brawler, but with some help from Brawl Stars cheats, we do believe that you will manage to get it easily. The main differences between the brawlers are the slots that each brawler has. It might sound weird and stupid at the first glance, but in fact, the slots will keep on increasing as you advance forward and unlock new ones. That is not everything, this topic is a little bit complicated but you should know that the Brawl Stars hack would grant you an access to the unlimited number of chips or elixirs you desire. You can use them to purchase boxes and unlock them that is how you get to receive new brawlers into your team. Of course, there is a huge part related to your luck and chances, but it is still one of the ideal methods. Keep trying, as the Brawl Stars hack is have no limits on the number of boxes you can purchase. If you have been receiving the same brawler repeatedly, then consider selling them to get chips and repurchase other boxes for extra attempt.

The game is amazing as it has many uncertainties. The level of the game becomes harder as we go to the next one. Everything is perfect in the game as it makes more curios for the Gems. The “Gems” is actually an in-game currency which plays an important role to buy the exclusive content in the game. The game can be difficult if the players do not own enough Gems, as it plays an important role when the players reach high levels. The less Gems can really get the player into a trouble. However, this problem can be solved and we will be giving you the solution, but lets gain more information about the game.

Several Fun Game Modes Available Inside!

We are leaving the game modes to the end, after we have ensured that you are fully aware of the main principles of the gameplay and ready to learn more about the available modes. There are several modes and each one is having its own pros and cons. It will be a tough task to get you up with the game modes that fits your playing style. You must have the patience and read the following list carefully. Bot Brawl: the offline mode that requires no additional features. It will put you into a test with smart bots, we have actually realized that these bots are good and you can improve your skills if you were a beginner in the game. There are no rewards from playing in this mode; you might only increase the brawler experience points. Bounty Mode: if killing was your highest priority, then you must find this to be an ideal mode. Eliminating the enemies from the battleground and focusing more on chasing them rather than completing objectives, then this mode is the right place for you. Smash And Grab: this is the most played mode so far at the current moment, and it is based mainly on collecting gems from the gem mine and protecting it at any cost. The enemies will keep coming at you and that is when your powers will come to use. ShowDown: it is similar to the bounty mode, it is the free for all mode and you are simply depending on yourself and your skills to survive the challenges..

The Pros of the Matchmaking System.

One of the major parts of any online game is the matchmaking. No one has managed so far in the entire world to create a matchmaking system that satisfies every player. The players must realize that you will win and lose, you do not have to blame the matchmaking for everyone bad game. We will try to explain to you how the system works; this could help you with having a better understanding in general about this system. The team matchmaking system is different; there are no room for any duplicated brawler. However, sometimes it gets disturbed and allow some duplications. The matchmaking will get faster only if the pool of players is getting bigger. Therefore, sending out invitations to your friends and letting them know about the game could be a cool thing. The players whom are similar on the skill level will be matched together, so no matter how far you keep on using the Brawl Stars hack, you will still have a balanced matchmaking.

The Cons Of The Matchmaking System.

Previously, we have been speaking about the matchmaking system and how it works. However, we must mentioned the most common problems that you will face them. You cannot secure a 100% balanced matchmaking; there will be times when you will face a much tougher opponent with more advanced brawlers than yours. You can overcome this problem via the Brawl Stars cheats and always be on the ready state for any surprise. That is for the current state, moving next to the duplications. The game developers have released a state about fixing these duplications of brawlers in the game match, but it will consume time and might lead to reduce the processing time. If you are wondering about the latency, then you should expect that the matchmaking will be placing you with players living around your region to have the optima experience, but you will end up queuing with players far away from you and that will lead to an increment of the latency. Higher latency means that the game is unplayable and you have to figure out a way to reduce it back to its normal numbers. These were the main cons about the matchmaking and we will proceed now into another topic. For now, the Brawl Stars cheats will solve most of the power unbalance problems so far.aid as the integral part of this game as it has a power to make the player successful by customizing their avatars, building tools, materials, special abilities, and other premium packages of the game.

New Brawls Changes:

The first thing we have to mention is the modified nine brawlers, they have seen a very strong boost from the game and they are going to become the top picks in the upcoming period. Remember that every brawler has his own weakness and that is a very tough challenge we are not planning to break the record at the current moment so far. The buffs are coming in a form of increasing certain skills by any amount of time. Trying your best to have brawler from the trending ones is not going to be a tough move if you were planning to achieve the results very fast.

Pros and Cons of Spike:

SPIKE: this is a very risky brawler, as it requires a special care and team work the best with. However, you have to realize that after spending few hours playing and mastering it out, you will only realize how lethal this little beast is on the battlefield. This brawler is solid when it comes to the team fights but it will struggle a lot when it comes to the single battles but still a very solid option.

We did not accomplish the pros and cons of the SPIKE brawler yet, so we would love to continue them over here before we advance to another one. The low health points and the weak points that will appear more once you are in an open are and has nothing behind you to provide you with coverage and assistance. These are the major weaknesses we have seen so far on this brawler and we are not recommending it for anyone whom is trying to start his way out in the game..


If you did not apply this update yet, then you must know you have been missing many features but most of them are not very effective it is more like for the notch devices. Therefore, if you are having a very decent experience and believe that your current software will be able to run the game smoothly. The Brawl Stars hack will offer you the opportunity to have tons of gold and leave the people of agar behind.